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  About Us


Welcome to  www.cutysshop.com is  an  online  store .www.cutysshop.com by CUTYS LAND ENTERPRISE (SA0007771-U) ( a legally registered company in Malaysia) is a registered boutique for selling ready stock baby clothes, kids apparels ,Diy mold,Soft toys and maternity wear,fashion clothes ,where you can browse, pick and purchase skirts, dresses, gown, jackets, pants, shorts ,party dress and  etc  for various  occasions. which you can find trendy maternity wear,baby  and  kids  apparels  with a very  fashionable product  to our customer at affordable  price  is always our top  priority.


Cutysshop is your one-stop online boutique for your little  ones  needs. All apparels sold here are NEW and made with a very good quality material. All our products are imported from overseas. Quick! Stay a while, browse around ,and pick up something clothes for your little kids and baby.


If  you've any suggestion and encountered any problem,please do not hesitate to leave us a message at the Message Board at our website or email us sales96@cutysshop.com info@cutysshop.com or contact us by phone .we will  reply at the soonest.


Thanks for your support & Happy e-shopping  . We hope you enjoy your stay at www.cutysshop.com.





欢迎光临   www.cutysshop.com    是一个网上商店 Cutys LandSA0007771)是一个注册的儿童服装商店,卖现货的婴儿服装,儿童服装,Diy模具,玩具预购孕妇装 预购区 时尚,在那里你可以浏览,挑选和购买各种场合的 裙子, 礼服,男装,夹克,外套,长裤,短裤等等。你可以找到时髦的孕妇装,婴儿和儿童服装都是一个非常时髦的产品,实惠的价格给我们的客户永远是我们的首要任务。




如果您有任何建议和遇到的任何问题,您可以点击留言板将您的意见和建议提给我们,或给我们发电子邮件sales96@cutysshop.com info@cutysshop.com 或通过电话与我们联系,我们会最快回复。









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